The AAI Gyroplane
Autogyro, Autogiro, and Gyrocopter. These are all 'trade names' which have become synonymous with what the FAA has named this class of aircraft: Rotorcraft - "Gyroplane." Gyroplanes are 'Sustained Autorotative Flight' aircraft that have no power to the rotor in flight, the simple principle by which these aircraft fly. Groen Aeronautics Corporation - "Groen" (Groen Brothers Aviation was it predecessor) is recognized as the world's leading authority on Sustained Autorotative Flight. Groen formed American Autogyro International, Inc. "AAI" to produce affordable, fun, and safe kit gyroplanes for the kit aircraft market worldwide.

Additional Information

Additional information is available by looking through this American Autogyro International web site and by looking through the Groen Aeronautics Corporation website (, including an explanation of the differences between Gyroplanes and Helicopters, and the safety advantages of centerline thrust. You'll also have access to flying videos of the SparrowHawk, the Hawk 4 Gyroplane vertical takeoffs and landings (VTOL), the ArrowHawk Gyroplane, the Fairey Rotodyne (Gyrodyne) from 50 years ago, several news channel videos (National Geographic, Discovery Channel, History Channel, etc.), and the Royal Aeronautical Society's (RAeS) 50th anniversary of the Annual Cierva Lecture, which at the high honor invitation of the RAeS was presented by David Groen in 2011. David Groen is the founder of the "Groen" sustained autorotative flight aircraft companies.

Our Customers
In addition to the new aviator, they include pilots of ultra-lights, military fighters, corporate jets, commercial airliners, airplanes, helicopters, light sport aircraft (LSA), and many types of general aviation aircraft. Although their paths are different, they all share in the quality, fun and safety of American Autogyro's SparrowHawk Gyroplane kits.

Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or just starting your aviation avocation, flying properly designed gyroplanes is a practical, affordable, easy, fun, and safe way to get into the air!

Groen Aeronautics Corporation and American Autogyro International, Inc. are committed to the advancement of safe and affordable Sustained Autorotative Flight aircraft.